A Saw cutting through wood while working on a construction project in Pigeon Forge.c&C Construction Logo
At C & C Construction, we understand that building a home is a major life decision. We also understand that the process can be perceived as stressful. However, at C & C Construction, we partner with our clients to develop a relationship that values the importance of making a house a home and recognizing your investment in the process is crucial to the success of making your dream home a reality.
a construction worker measuring a door while working as a general contractor

Step 1: The Introduction

We set up an introduction meeting to provide potential clients with the opportunity to share plans, ideas, and vision for their home. During this time, we are establishing a rapport and exchanging information to determine if our services meet your vision. We examine the house plans, client’s needs, and the budget they have in mind. C & C then takes the plans and potential client’s information to estimate the price of the project. Once the estimate is complete, we meet again to discuss the estimate and terms of the contract. Once we are in agreement, contracts are signed, and we move to the next phase.
a C&C Construction worker working holding wood

Step 2: Pre-Construction

During this phase, the client begins to engage in the most exciting part of building a home by starting the selection process of materials needed to make their vision a reality. This is also a crucial part of ensuring the construction process stays on schedule. Clients will make selections such as roofing materials, window, doors, paint colors and all finishes for the project. While clients are working on the selection process, C & C Construction is working in the background by helping with finalizing loans, obtaining permits, scheduling subs, and assigning a project manager to you and your project. Once a project manager has been assigned, clients are introduced to discuss the construction timeline.
A house under construction in Sevierville

Step 3: Construction

At this phase you begin to see your dream turn into a reality. You will work closely with the project manager during each step of the construction phase to ensure that all details are carried out to your specifications. The construction phase can include, but is not limited to:
o Foundation
o Framing
o Mechanicals
o Insulation
o Wall Coverings
o Exterior Finishes
o Interior Finishes
o Trim Outs
o Punch List
Construction being done on a house with exposed beams in the roof.

Step 4: Walk Through / Punch List

During this phase you will do a walk through with the project manager to examine and ensure that all features are in proper working order. After walk through and punch list are complete, we will go through the final inspection process to obtain your certificate of occupancy.
exterior shot of a house with custom porch cover

Step 5: Move In Ready

This is the most rewarding phase for C & C Construction. By this point in the process, your dream is now a reality. As we hand you the keys to your home, this will not be the end of our journey, but rather the continuation of a lifelong relationship that we have created with each other throughout the building process.
aerial shot of a house in Gatlinburg

Step 6: Warranty

All of the work completed under C & C Construction, from our laborers to our most skilled trade partners, carries a one-year builder’s warranty. At any time during the one-year period, feel free to contact C & C Construction with any issues.